How to deal with pregnancy blues and other inspiring tales.

We always talk about health in absolute terms, using a common denominator, there is male or female when we talk about health. But maybe there should be. And the reasoning is simple, because the issues women face, are different than what men face and it’s about time we recognized that.

Pregnancy Blues

Society tells us that pregnancy is a time to be happy and cheerful, but what it doesn’t tell us is that feeling depressed or sad during pregnancy is also natural. A study suggests that almost 20% of all moms to be face pregnancy blues, but it’s still a huge taboo because of the pressure women face to be happy that they can’t express what they really face is the exact opposite of that.

How to help?

We have to get word out that its okay to be sad, that it’s not uncommon to face depression, cause this process of normalization is the first step in the process of treating it, and there is a number of ways to help fight this including psychotherapy, prenatal yoga and alternative therapies to support the main treatment like usage of essential oils like lavender to reduce anxiety and stress.

Menstrual problems

The dreadful cycle that returns every month, the pain, the mood swings, the hormonal imbalance. As if this isn’t enough we have a societal stigma attached to it, which leads to further taboo and lack of knowledge about the menstrual cycle. Especially in rural India women don’t know what to do when they get period cramps or they experience mood swings.

How to help?

Education is the foremost thing we can do and not just in urban hubs but also in rural areas, to ensure that we can break the social stigma attached to menstruation. Some remedies include hot tea and aromatherapy such as peppermint and lavender which helps in reduction of headaches and inflammation.

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